I am CA Byrne, a highly skilled editor, proofreader, and copyeditor.

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What I do
I edit the work of professional writers and researchers, as well as students at a graduate and undergraduate level.
MLA Format
AP Style
Chicago Style

 I carefully evaluate a copyedited or final draft of writing for spelling mistakes, punctuation, formatting inconsistencies, or typos.


I assess the grammatical consistency and structural clarity of edited writing work and recommend necessary content changes.


I conduct an in-depth examination of a piece of writing and provide incisive suggestions to improve content and grammar.


About Me

CA Byrne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2018. CA is a member of the American Copy Editors Society, the American Society of Professional Copywriters, and the Freelance Writer’s Den. With six years of editorial training and a longstanding passion for writing and editing, CA has always been committed to assisting and improving the writing of others. In their spare time, CA enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with their two goofy labradors, named Ardenne and Skylar.

What people say

They helped me in a cinch! I usually get Cs on papers but after taking their editing suggestions, I got an A.

Sarah Stephenson

They were an amazing help for my research paper!

Ruth Nagger 

One of the most talented editors you can find.

Michael Swanson

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